About Us

Advanced Video Technology Solutions Ltd. (AVT Solutions Ltd.) was formed as a consulting company in the area of Digital Information Display Technology by Engineering graduate Chris Cavalieri and faculty member Adrian Kitai, both of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Following an initial display project on an electronic outdoor billboard for a US-based client, the team has attracted several clients and partners looking to develop unique ideas of their own.  This has laid the foundation to what AVT is today, and is now supporting our current venture to launch our very own innovative product, our Obsidian™ Premium Ambient-Light Rejecting (ALR) Front Projection Screen, to redefine the boundaries and limitations in commercial, retail and public digital signage & displays. AVT is driven by irrefutable passion for innovation, impact and change.  Our innovative in-house display software is supported by Marc Bender PhD, a McMaster University graduate from Computer Science who worked for AVT Solutions part time during its first years, and is now employed full time as of August 2018.

Dr. Adrian Kitai
B.Sc Ph.D P.Eng

Adrian, professor of Materials Science & Engineering and Engineering Physics at McMaster University, has over 30 years of experience in display technology. A founding partner of three companies including NanoLumens Inc, he has made contributions in fundamental light emitting device technology as well as display product development. Adrian has filed over 20 patents in the display field and is chair of the Canadian chapter of the Society for Information Display. As a result Adrian is well-versed in display technologies of current interest and is well-networked in the display community.

Chris Cavalieri
B.Sc P.Eng

Chris, Professional Engineer, Serial Entrepreneur and graduate from McMaster University with a Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering & Management, trained through the XCEEi Masters of Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation program, now has over 7 years of recent experience in R&D, new product development and innovation. Chris has played a significant role on a host of diverse projects & industries ranging from consumer electronics, solar vehicles, atmospheric water generators, electromechanical billboards, ALR projection systems, digital billboards, signage and of digital video walls. Through his work, Chris has developed several ties and relationships to the innovation sector and has become well-connected in this community.


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