Here at AVT Solutions, we offer a flexible range of services to meet the needs of clients and potential partners. Our services and expertise are applicable to early and new concept development, proof-of-concept development all the way up into product development and translating results into commercial prototypes.

Our Approach

We believe in user-centered design. This means that our services maintain clear alignment with both the client’s and end-user’s objectives & needs.
We rapidly move to a working prototype at minimum cost to bring your concept to reality. This approach quickly enables us to test and validate designs and then optimize and deliver alpha prototypes ready for field testing.
Divergent, creative thinking combined with long-term, realistic and user-centered vision for the refinement and re-focusing of results & ideas; This is the AVT approach.

Our Expertise

We offer expertise in advanced optical, mechanical and systems design, prototyping & integration with several years of experience working around the digital displays markets, both indoor and outdoor.
We have access to advanced design and modelling tools in addition to low- and high-level software design & integration support.
Through our work, we deliver hardware and software solutions along with high quality drawings, models and technical reports. We also provide market research and cost analysis as part of our validation processes.


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